Have you recently had a baby?

Are you just not feeling yourself?

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, sad, isolated, anxious?

Group therapy for postpartum women may be able to help you! 

Benefits of Group Therapy:

  • You are with other women who recently had babies and can identify with how you are feeling.

  • You are able to discuss things that are making you sad, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed with a clinician to guide the conversation.

  • You are guided to discuss topics you may not realize are contributing to your negative feelings. 

  • You have support and encouragement from peers and a professional.  

  • Groups are small with only 5 women or less per group series.  

What Group Therapy is not:
  • Group therapy is not simply a support group.  Conversations will be topic driven and guided by the therapist facilitator.
  • Group therapy is not meant to take the place of individual therapy should you be in such or need this level of treatment.  Group therapy can be a good supplement to your individual therapy though.  If you are screened for group and seem to need more support than group can provide, you will be offered individual therapy in lieu or in addition to group therapy.
  • Group therapy is not appropriate if you are experiencing symptoms of Postpartum or other psychotic disorders such as PP Psychosis, Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder with psychotic features.  

Group therapy runs in a series of 8 weekly sessions on Tuesdays from 11:30 am – 12:30 am.  

The next group therapy series begins April 10, 2018 and runs for 8 consecutive weeks on the same day and time.

Group therapy series will also run from June 5, 2018 – July 31, 2018 except on July 3, 2018.  

Call today (203-449-5399) to be screened for the next

Postpartum Group Therapy series!

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