Are you pregnant?

Feeling scared, stressed, anxious or sad?

Feeling alone?

Carpe Diem Counseling’s group therapy for pregnant women may be the place for you!  Group therapy is not just a support group (though it is very supportive) but a group run by a clinician, for women feeling just how you are feeling during pregnancy.  It may seem overwhelming to take on something else during your pregnancy but if you are having any of the above feelings (or other thoughts or feelings of concern) group therapy may be able to help.  

***This is not a birthing/delivery class or a baby care class though both topics will be discussed during the process of the group, this group is not meant to take the place of either of those other very important classes.***

Benefits of Group Therapy:

  • To be with other pregnant women who relate to how you are feeling.
  • To be able to talk openly about your feelings with the support of a clinician.
  • To be able to share without fear of being judged. 
  • To explore all the topics that may be causing your fears, anxiety or sadness. 
  • To prepare in advance for taking care of your mental health after your baby is born. 

Group therapy is run once a week for 8 week sessions with only 5 women per session.  

Group therapy can be billed to your insurance (Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Connecticut Medicaid/Husky) or paid for privately if you do not have insurance that is accepted or do not want to use your insurance.  

There are no group therapy for pregnant women series scheduled at this time.  Please contact Cory to be put on a waiting list.  A group will be formed when the required number of participants are available.  

Call today (203-449-5399) to be screened for the next series of groups.