Maternal Mental Health Month Day 8

Tips for moms…

New mom, old mom, seasoned mom, adoptive mom, foster mom, step-mom…no one knows it all. We all need a tip once in a while. Particularly if you are sleep deprived, suffering from Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, PTSD or OCD. Often, tips are something you would have thought of on your own… IF you could find a quiet moment to think…IF you could organize your thoughts…and IF you didn’t have so many other important things to think about. The ones below are just ideas I like to throw out there. Some can be particularly helpful for new moms.


1-  If you don’t immediately see a diaper table in a public bathroom, try the handicapped stall. Often they are hidden in this larger stall because of the wall space needed for the table. Also, glance at the sink. Sometimes they are built into the sink instead of being separate. Worst case senario, the handicapped stall has more floor space if you have to use the stall (If you have to yse the floor, lodge a complaint with the store/restaurant/building manager. And make sure to add that both the women’s AND men’s rooms ought to have changing tables.)

2-  Take a couple minutes to make a “diaper bag checklist” include diapers/pullups, wipes, food/snacks, utensils, toys/activity books/reading books, change of clothes (keep in mind the season), hat, cup/bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, 1st aid items, burp cloth, pacifier (if you use one), anything else your child may particularly need.  Once a week check it for the basics, every 3 months inventory it. Change out the clothes for size/season appropriateness and chane out games/activity books, reading books so the kids don’t get bored.

3- Speaking of activity/coloring books and diaper bag toys…the dollar store (not getting anything for this promotion) is ideal for getting things that you won’t worry about ruining, losing, breaking, etc.

4- If your baby is seeming more clingy and less able to be engaged with toys. She may be bored. Call a mom friend or two and arrange a “toy swap”. This can refresh your stock at no cost. Make sure not to trade anything valuable or that you wouldn’t be prepared to lose. Kids are kids and things get lost and broken.

As kids get older, you can encourage them to share and trade toys with a friend or two on their own. Make sure to check that the other parents are okay with this idea. Remind your child that if a friend says “no” that your child must respect thatthat particular toy is not available for a trade.

5- LIBRARIES ARE GREAT! Now this may not seem like a tip but in this age of electronics, it bears repeating and repeating. Here are some library tips:

• Some libraries lend games or toys as well as books. A great way to always have new items or to try out a game or toys before buying it. ***If you are in CT, I know Farmington Library does this.***

• Libraries are also a good way to not drive yourself crazy reading the same baby/kid books over and over and over again. Parents definitely get tired of reading a book way before the child gets tired of hearing it.

• Making a habit of exploring libraries you’ve never been to before is a great way to get out of the house and make a day of it. Most libraries have baby and child play areas as well. ***In CT you can rent and return to any library so if you travel an hour to go to a couple new libraries, you don’t have to drive back to return the items. Just return to your local library.***

Hope all these tips and reminders were helpful. More later in the month!  Have a day filled with hope now that you are armed with (possibly) new ideas (or just reminded of some).  🌞🌞🌞

About Carpe Diem Counseling LLC

I am a licensed clinical social worker whose practice specializes in working with women (and their families) during the pregnancy and postpartum time period. Please contact me if you believe you or someone in your life is experiencing a Perinatal or Postpartum mental health issue. I also work with any adults experiencing a life change and struggling with the challenges and adjustments they are encountering. Addressing our struggles in life happens one day at a time. There is no wrong time to get help.
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