Maternal Mental Health Month Day 14

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother: (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

1a :  a female parent She’s the mother of three small children. 

Maternal:  (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

1:  of, relating to, belonging to, or characteristic of a mother :  motherly maternal love, maternal instincts

2a :  related through a mother his maternal aunt

2b :  inherited or derived from the female parent maternal genes

Often Maternal is thought of as applying to a woman who is walking around with an infant strapped to her, in her arms or in a carriage.  But there is nothing in the definition to insinuate that you are no longer a mom once your kids can walk and talk and feed themselves.

On this Mother’s Day, remember that having a baby is just the first in many life transitions related to bringing children into your family.  Mothers of older children encounter many transitions and situations that cause stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness and self-doubt.  Caring about maternal mental health is caring about the whole family.  Healthy moms cultivate health homes and environments for their families.  So, even if you see a seasoned mom who seems to have it all together…ask how she’s doing.  Encourage her to care for herself and offer to help so she can.  This is not about how capable someone is but about balance.  Just because she can “do it all” does not mean she should or has to do it alone.  Strength also means being able to accept concern and help in order to focus on self-care so you can be your best mom self.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the new and seasoned moms!

About Carpe Diem Counseling LLC

I am a licensed clinical social worker whose practice specializes in working with women (and their families) during the pregnancy and postpartum time period. Please contact me if you believe you or someone in your life is experiencing a Perinatal or Postpartum mental health issue. I also work with any adults experiencing a life change and struggling with the challenges and adjustments they are encountering. Addressing our struggles in life happens one day at a time. There is no wrong time to get help.
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