Maternal Mental Health Month Day 13

Apps for moms...

I’m a huge proponent of putting down the phone, tablet, remote control and engaging in your life. Whether that be picking up a magazine or book, turning on music or looking at those around you and engaging in an activity or project.  There is nothing like a baby crawling into your lap and grabbing your face in her little hands to get your attention, to remind you to put away your device.

However, there are some really handy apps out there that moms or families can use to make their lives easier. ***Disclaimer:  I am not receiving anything from any of the app manufacturers for listing them here.  Listing of the following apps is neither an endorsement of the app nor confirmation that I have used or tested it.***  There are many many apps out there and these are just some (free ones) I think could be helpful.


  • Moody- Daily Mood Tracker:  This app is easy and user friendly for even the most sleep deprived and thought blocked mom out there.  It can be particularly helpful if you are wondering if you have a PMAD or are diagnosed with a PMAD and are seeing a therapist.  You simply track your mood or you can also track other symptoms, make notes and use additional features of the app.


  • Moods- Tracking for Better Mental Health:  Again, this app is just what it sounds like.  It can be used to simply track mood or can be used to add in other details and notes.  It also has a section that talks about challenging thoughts and asks questions to help you problem solve or note triggers or traps.


  • My Wonderful Days (Lite):  This is a journal app. Plain and simple.  You write, you add pictures, you add little sticker emojis and you pick the mood of the day (smiley face to frowny face scale).  This can be used to journal for yourself, as a way to journal about your child(ren)’s growth and special events, or both.  The lite version only allows 10 entries per month but this may be enough to record everything you want.  You can also email entries to yourself or export them.


SLEEP/MEDITATION: (All of these apps have the possibility of being helpful. If you have been diagnosed with Postpartum or other types of Psychosis, Schizophrenia, hallucinations or other such symptoms, guided imagery and guided meditation can trigger symptoms.  Please check with your therapist, Psychiatrist or PCP before using these apps if you are unsure.)

  • Calm:  This app is for sleep and meditation.  It has a guided breathing section, a meditation section and a sleep section.  There are limits to what you get for free and you can get more sleep stories or guided meditations for a fee.


  • Breathe:  This app encourages daily breathing and mindfulness.  You can set reminders for yourself to breathe and messages you want the app to send you when the reminders occur.


  • Sleep Well:  This app uses hypnotic sessions to guide you into sleep.  You can use the “Awaken at End” feature if this is for a nap or short meditation or disable this feature if using it to sleep at night.



MOM APPS: There are tons of baby tracking, breastfeeding, etc apps for moms.  If you are looking for the right one for you, test them out.  There is only one way to know if an app will fit your needs and lifestyle, and that’s to try it yourself.  Here are a couple apps not in those categories.  

  • Baby White Noise Generator:  There are many “white noise” apps out there so, once again, try them out and see what works for you.  They are particularly helpful for small infants and can come in very handy in the car or in a grocery store when baby starts screaming.  Even if it doesn’t lull them to sleep, it usually causes a distraction and soothing enough to calm them.  This particular one is easy to use, has enough choices of sounds and you can set the length of time it plays.  White noise apps usually have multiple sounds they play including heartbeat, waves, fan, lullaby and others.  The ones for babies may have other features like a nightlight or sounds particular to little ones.


  • The Wonder Weeks:  Some of you may have heard of a book by this name.  It helps you learn about the developmental “leaps” your baby is going through and gives you a heads up on moodiness, etc.  Well, there’s a handy app version too.  It’s not as complete as the book but it has the basics.  ***Don’t get caught up trying to predict or explain your baby’s moods.  You can add anticipatory stress if you start looking ahead and dreading the “moody” periods.  ***It is more useful to pull this app out when you are at a loss for explanation of your child’s change in behavior/mood because there might be some insight in this app.


  • Kids Media:  This app is very handy at home or on the go.  It includes Movies, TV shows, Websites, Apps and Books.  They are reviewed by moms and rated in various areas.  Also, there are synopsis, notes about any “scary” parts, notes about educational value and notes about what topics a family could use this media to discuss.  You can search by type of media, age, or enter your child(ren)’s info for “Picks for My Kids”.  This app can be particularly helpful if you are out and thinking of picking up a movie or book at the library or if your child’s friend asks if they can watch a certain tv program.



  • Week Calendar:  there are many calendar apps out there. This one seems easy to use, allows color coding of custom colors that you can label and save, and the ability to share events easily with others so they can add them to their calendars.


  • Wunderlist: Make lists, lots of them.  Organize them in folders.  Sync them with your partner who also has the app.  Both of you can add to the grocery list and both of you can check things off.  Both of you can organize what needs to be packed for vacation and both of you can check things off as you pack. You can assign particular items/tasks to a certain person, share lists or have ones that are private to you.


I hope you’ll have fun exploring some new apps and hope they are helpful! 

About Carpe Diem Counseling LLC

I am a licensed clinical social worker whose practice specializes in working with women (and their families) during the pregnancy and postpartum time period. Please contact me if you believe you or someone in your life is experiencing a Perinatal or Postpartum mental health issue. I also work with any adults experiencing a life change and struggling with the challenges and adjustments they are encountering. Addressing our struggles in life happens one day at a time. There is no wrong time to get help.
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